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Dejohnette, Coltrane & Garrison: A luxury trío for the Portón del Jazz opening

One more summer Alhaurín de la Torre will refresh high temperatures with cool gardens and Jazz at El Portón estate. The Culture Councillorship, headed by the Councillor Mario Pérez and with the artistic direction of the cultural Manager Toni Cordero, predicts a bold 2016 edition of “El Portón del Jazz”. There has been a substantial increase in the ticket sales in advance and at the box office, due to the great call of brilliant jazz figures. As an example, the festival has ran out of entries for the concert of “Incognito” on July 22th. Everything seems to indicate that this will not be the only evening with the poster of «sold-out».


  • Jack Dejohnette Trío

There is something of the «six degrees of separation» theory at work in this newly formed trio, led loosely, by the great Jack DeJohnette. Former Miles Davis and current Keith Jarrett drummer Jack DeJohnette’s decisive energies and musicality make him, at 73, one of the marvels of contemporary jazz. This trio joins him with John Coltrane’s saxophonist son Ravi Coltrane, whose lineage is well known and bassist/electronic artist Matthew Garrison, whose father Jimmy Garrison was the bassist in John Coltrane’s classic quartet.

The audience will enjoy their work “In movement” which they introduce in their “Release Tour”. Classic covers include the Coltrane civil rights hymn “Alabama” and the dreamy “Kind of Blue ballad Blue in Green”, but this is a thoroughly contemporary set in its fusion of Ravi Coltrane’s lyricism (often on the piercing, silvery-toned sopranino sax), Garrison’s rockish bass sound and electronics, and DeJohnette’s dramatic punctuation.

  • IV Portón del Jazz Contest for emerging groups

Before the main concert – that will begin at 22:30 h – at 21:30 h the public will be able to attend the IV Portón del Jazz Contest. The first night (July 9th) “Funkdacion” will act. “Funkdacion” is one of the most veteran groups in the Spanish funk sound. From the creation of the band, in 1995, its members have incorporated musical knowledge, influences and repertoires, maintaining always a seal of identity own on their beloved ‘blacksound’.

The quintet is made up by: David Margam (guitar), Emilio Berrocal, (piano and keyboard); Jesus Valero, (bass) Andrew Lynch, (high saxophone), Paco Romero, (drums) and Ralph Zuazua (vocals).

  • Dynamics of the evening

On july 9th, 15th, 22th and 29th at 21:15 o’clock, doors of El Portón estate will be opened. Attendees can enjoy the large gardens, a green lung in the urban center, with outdoor sculpturesmade by the Art Collectiveof the provincial prison, Moraga.

The interior art gallery has two showrooms which will be open to the public until midnight. The biggest Hall, ‘El Portón’ hosts an amazing multidisciplinary exhibition under the slogan «The inhabited garden» by the prestigious Pilar Bernabeu.

There is also a photographs display by SFM (photographic association of Málaga) at the ‘Bryan Hartley Robison’ room.

There are more works of art to enjoy, like the mural of the civilizations by Lola García Chamizo in plaza Antonio Romero. There will be held the performances by participating groups in the IV Portón del Jazz contest, beginning at 21: 30 h. Each evening will be the turn of a band. On July 29th, prior to the awards ceremony, pianist Jose Carra will be acting as a guest artist, introducing his record Verso.

Since the opening, both the bar service, at affordable prices, and the free play-room for children between three and twelve years old, will be running until midnight. It makes possible for parents to enjoy the evening while their children are taken care of by specialized monitors with games, stories, and crafts.

At 22:30 h the main concerts takes place in the Auditorium. To show respect to artists, is not permitted to take pictures with flash. The spectators must switch off their mobile phones as well as those located in the first rows are asked not to smoke. After the concert DJ Sessions of short duration will be held in the Antonio Romero Plaza or, in its lack, there will be environmental jazz music.

  • New Technologies

El Portón del Jazz has increased its impact on the network. The festival has a new updated website, The site has an elegant and functional design, allowing intuitive and comfortable navigation, with lots of content.

On the other hand, the Festival has its own profiles in Facebook (Porton del Jazz), You Tube Channel with the same name and Twitter account : @PortondelJazz #PortondelJazz. We also have E-mail account: There is also an account on Instagram (Porton del Jazz) and also an application for smartphones and tablets that you can download free, Porton del Jazz, with useful information for anyone who wants to attend, developed by VIP apps.

  • Sale of tickets

There are still some entries left, although the rhythms of sales lead to think that it will be for a short time. Tickets are on sale in Physically, they can be purchased in Finca El Portón (from Monday to Friday from 10 to 13:30, and 18 to 21 h; Saturday from 18 to 21 h, Monday afternoon closed).

The ticket price is €15, except tickets for July 29h (Dhafer Youssef) with a price of €20.

Jazz is the big brother of Revolution. Revolution follows it around”.

Miles Davis, American trumpeter, bandleader, and composer.